The home design process can be an exciting endeavor. Creating comfortable, stylish rooms that portray order, balance and your personal style, is a designer’s goal.

Some people have the gift to create that space for themselves, but most of us need help; from where and how to start, to organizing tasks, to defining styles and accessorizing with pleasing results. Hiring a design professional can bring forth expertise, invaluable guidance, resources and personal distinctiveness to your project, whether one room or an entire home, and also make the entire process exciting and worthwhile!

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Designers Provide Experience

Creating your ideal environment requires extensive planning. While decorating a home may appear on the surface simple; colour choices and fabric selections, there are many more concerns. Design professionals bring years of training and experience to your home. From constructing a plan to drafting a budget, designers offer assistance in every phase of your project. In addition, they hone the subtle,but essential elements of proportion, lighting, colour, style, comfort and balance that all contribute to make a room or home stylish and liveable.

Unlimited Resources

Design professionals have access to the best selection of choice products, including thousands of options of fabrics, furniture,lighting, flooring, construction materials, artwork and accessories including antiques and custom manufactured products. Designers use their extensive knowledge of materials and resources to help select your quality furnishings and products. They know where to find that perfect chair, vase,or lamp to lend the unique finishing trademark touch to a space- ultimatley making it your personal power space.

Create Joy, Beauty, Uniqueness, and Functionality

Designers are well versed in determining an individual’s needs, prefernces and personal style. So pull together your favourite products and featured rooms from magazines and show house models as well as photos and things you don’t like, and discuss with your designer. An experienced designer can help you translate your taste and personal style into a space that compliments your budget and lifestyle.

Your design dreams can then unfold as quickly or as leisurely as your time, budget and lifestyle allow.